Classique Style Planters

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Classique Style Planters are the classic french style type ones with distinctive elements. These planters are the ideal elements in gardens, conservatories, terraces, green roofs, as well as elements of architecture, which can help to freely shape the landscape.

Classique Style Planters are a result of the handmade production process and are performed in two technologies: a black galvanized metal or aluminum. This manufacturing technology guarantees the durability and exceptional resistance to all weather conditions. Both versions are covered with powder paint in any colour of the whole RAL palette available in gloss or matte effect.

We also recomend All Year Mallo Style Planters, which are a perfect solution for plants which are irresistant to winter conditions. This type of Planters can be left outdoor in specialy insulated versions, which protect the plant’s roots from freezing in winter.

Due to the wide imagination, expectations and ideas of our clients, we are ready to meet the most elaborate projects, therefore our Planters can take various designs, shapes and sizes.

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All colours from RAL Palette