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A Set of Herbs to Burn

aroma, herbs and pleasure

The use of herbs’ aromas has been known since the Sumerian times (ca. 3000 BC), however today we know that the scent of burnt herbs brings purification and protection and has many healing properties.

Following the words: “Every country grows its own illness, however also its own medicine,” stated by Paracelsus, the famous physician of the 16th century, we offer our Polish herbs signatured by Mallo Design. They come from the region of Warmia, from the Stolno property with an over 500 years history, where they are cultivated under caring supervision of the owners with traditional, organic methods. Therefore, when you return home after a long, rough day, burnt aroma of herbs will bring you relaxation, relief, and contact with tradition. You will feel real magic, Your dearest memories will come back …

User manual

After placing a piece of coal in a ceramic Mallo Design container, you need to light it up until the effect of burning sparklers. Then pour over the incandescent coal a pinch of lavender or catnip.


Technical Data

The Content of the Set:

- wooden box in black,

- ceramic Mallo Design container,

- two small linen bags filled with lavender and catnip,

- small pieces of coal,

- a box of matches.