Mallo Systems®

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Our Mallo Systems®  are used to prevent bending, lying or breaking the plants.

Mallo Systems® protect shrubs such as currants and gooseberries from soilling the fruits, and a choice of several sizes and types allows to change them accordingly to the plant’s growth, deflorescence and an appearance of the next:

– Raspberries Mallo System® is a series of pillars with special links between them, allowing for the efficient growth of plants, with easy access to the fruit collection,

– Fruity Mallo System® is a flat form of cord or palmette. Usually these are the pillars with links at different distances between them, depending on the method of growing a plant, which ensures ease of maintenance. This system is mainly used on the walls and in a limited area of cultivation,

– Climber Mallo System® is based on columns with different cross sections. This system consists of two mountings on the top and bottom of the column, allowing easy care and growth.